Ocean Salt

I love everything about CrossFit. If that is not obvious, then this must be your first time reading this blog and in that case welcome ;). Oh by the way….I love CrossFit. I have never sweated so much working out as I have in CrossFit.  Prior to CrossFit, upon returning from the  gym, my husband used to joke with me  if I had even been working out or if I had just gotten coffee instead because not only would there be no sweat but I would barely have a hair out of place. Now a days I am not only drenched with sweat after a workout but literally dripping. I love it!!! I feel like the sweat is my reward for working so hard.

Here comes the only draw back to CrossFit. Since I sweat so much my skin has been on a rampage ….boo!!! I have not had break-outs on my face since I can remember until I started CrossFit. Not cool….so not cool…..I have already been through those awkward teenage years….no need to re-live them.

Clearly I am not giving up CrossFit so I must find another way to solve this problem. A head-band may be an option but I have not gone there yet. I have though found a wonderful facial scrub. I have only used it twice but it has made such a noticeable difference I wanted to share it with the world. In trying to eat non-processed, natural foods it only made sense to try and use natural soaps and lotions. So far, I have experimented with products from the bath and body shop called LUSH. They make soaps, shampoos, lotions…you name it from fresh ingredients. All products are in a recycled bottle and all products have an expiration date (because they use fresh ingredients). I haven’t bought a product that I didn’t like. The items can be a bit pricey but everything lasts for a good amount of time. My only complaint is that some times that staff is a little too helpful. Sometimes I just like to browse in peace.

Anyways, I went to the store last week in hopes of finding a natural miracle to help with my skin…and I think I did. It is called Ocean Salt. It is a face and body scrub that is absolutely divine. It is not an every day wash maybe like twice a week but it has already made a remarkable change in my skin. You can feel the sea salt exfoliating the instant you put it on. My skin is silky smooth afterwards. Plus it smells like the ocean air and I love the beach!!!

ocean salt ocean salt inside