Chicken Poblano Chicken Chowder

Over the past weeks I have noticed a couple of things about myself. The first is that I am starting to enjoy cooking and the second is that I am becoming both a better and more opinionated chef. I know that I am enjoying cooking more because for one I do it more often. For the last five years, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to cook dinner 1 – 2 times a week. By the time it was on the “resolution” list for the fifth year….my husband would answer with a sarcastic “OK” and a little roll of the eyes knowing in his heart of hearts that he was going to be responsible for most if not all of the cooking duties. Now I regularly cook on my days off and want to cook. One of my main reasons for cooking is that I like variety….its the spice of life… husband on the other hand could probably eat the same meal everyday for the next 20 years. At some point I got tired of having tacos three times a week!! I also like knowing that all my food is fresh and nutritious. I know exactly what went into the food…..something that you will never know when you eat out.

Secondly I think I am finally becoming a better chef which means all of my years of watching Top Chef religiously is paying off!!! Yes!!!. I was never a bad cook. I could follow a recipe fine. Most of the food I would make came out relatively well but all I could do was follow the recipe. I would pretty much have a melt down if I was unable to repeat the recipe exactly….I mean like two year old on the floor….tears kinda meltdown…..embarrassing…um yes…Now a-days, not only are there no meltdowns if I forget an ingredient but I know how to sub for it on the fly. Lastly, if  a recipe didn’t come out well, I would blame myself. Not only do I not blame myself but I have ideas about how to make the recipe better in the future.

With that said…..I still look for relatively simple and short recipes. While I am enjoying cooking I do not want to spend all day doing it. This latest recipe Chicken Poblano Chicken Chowder was according to my husband “The best soup I have ever tasted”. The only drawbacks to the recipe was that the directions were kind of confusing and it took longer to cook then advertised.  Instead of using the “dutch oven” as suggested I just steamed the cauliflower and then used the frying pan for the bacon and chicken.

The recipe from the “Nourished” application states that prep time for this recipe was 15 minutes and cooking was only 40 minutes. Well that was a lie. All and all it took about 1.5hrs with two people cooking and chopping in the kitchen.  The recipes also fails to incorporate into the cooking time that the poblano peppers have to already be roasted. By the way it takes an hour to roast Poblano peppers in the oven. We didn’t have that kind of time so we just sautéed them in the skillet. Not perfect but it worked fine. Be sure to include the peppers though!! They really add to the flavor of the soup. Even though this soup takes longer then advertised it is well worth it and it is definitely one we would make again. I probably would choose to start cooking at like 430pm and not 6:00pm….whooops.


Although my cooking has improved, my presentation has not….. It tasted just as good in a tupperware dish as it would have in a pretty bowl.