I was a gymnast for about 16 years and consider the sport to be my first love. After graduating college I had mistakenly thought my love of gymnastics would seamlessly become a passion for the gym and all things fitness. Boy was I wrong!!! I dreaded the elliptical, treadmill and classes offered by the gym  alike. I found the weight machines awkward and free weighs intimidating.  Going to the gym was a chore that I had to bribe myself to do. In my heart I knew I loved to workout and just needed to find the right outlet. I tried running (including 1 marathon), triathlons and personal training to no avail. My mom who has been doing CrossFit for a couple of years now kept encouraging me to give the sport a try. It was not until I watched the 2012 crossfit games on tv and saw Annie Thorisdottir that I became inspired. The next week I signed up for my first elements class. I have been hooked ever since……

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