Little Known Fact….

I do a lot of reading about financial health mostly online but intermittently I will read a book or two. One of my favorite blogs is Daily Worth which is a financial blog that is geared towards women. I am no guru in investing in fact I can barely define the word. I am also no big time money maker….I mean I am a nurse for gosh darn sakes. What I am good at though is saving money. I can save money like my life depends on it!!! Anyways, this is besides the point. Over the past month in my readings I read a lot about gratitude and wealth.

These articles tout that the more grateful you are in life the more money that you will make! I am not sure that I buy that but what I do believe is that changing how you think about the world and your life no matter how slightly towards the positive will open you up to opportunities that you did not see before.

I think it is easy in life to get caught up in what is not going well or what you do not have. In reality we are far luckier then we know, it is all about what we choose to focus on. I unfortunately fall victim to the glass is half empty instead of half full more often then not.

I know for me my job is a big point of contention. I am an ER nurse in a busy city hospital. I get to see both the best and the worst of humanity….unfortunately I tend to see more of the worst of what we have to offer as humans on a daily basis. I am underpaid, under appreciated and often overwhelmed. Being in this environment has taken a toll on my outlook. Before I tell you about what I am doing this year to change my outlook on others and life I would like to share with you something that very few people know about me.

One thing that I have always done even as a kid that has helped me feel both grateful and loved is that I have saved almost every single card that has ever been given to me. Now a days in the world of email, text and Facebook I find cards that I receive even that much more special. To me it is someone that cared enough about you that they took the time to buy a card, write something thoughtful and either mail or hand deliver to you. I have boxes upon boxes of cards that I have acquired over the years. Last year though I decided that being able to see the cards on a daily basis would just make me happy and it does. Every time I look at all the cards that I have received over the year I just feel loved and happy.


My card display that is on the back wall of my bedroom. Can’t you feel the love!!

As part of my new year’s resolutions I have decided to start a gratitude journal where I write down one thing I am grateful for everyday. They say it takes 21 days to build a habit. I have coffee every morning to start off the day so I decide that the first thing that I would do after sitting down with my coffee is to write in my gratitude journal. I figured the easiest way to build this habit is just to add upon something that I already do on a daily basis.

Shortly, after starting this task my sisters also started their version of a gratitude journal. It is called a 100happydays. This is a free program where you submit a picture of something that makes you happy everyday. It can be anything!! Meeting up with friends, your morning cup of coffee. All you have to do is take a picture of it and then post with the #100happydays. You can be as public or private as you want to be. You can post the pictures to Instagram, twitter or Facebook. If you choose to be more private about your happiness you can just email the picture to the group running the 100happydays program!! I was excited about this for two reasons. For one because my sisters were doing it and the other because it is easier to keep your goals and build good habits when you know that someone else is counting on you.

So I challenge you to shift your outlook on life by writing down or taking a picture of one thing your are grateful for each day for the next 30 days. See how starting your day off in a more positive way affects the rest of your day. You have absolutely nothing to lose honestly…except being a little happier for what you have and where you are going.

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2 comments on “Little Known Fact….

  1. Heidi says:

    How great…. I love the #100happydays idea! My gratefulness is a memory box I’ve kept since i was 16 and I think no one would understand what is if they found some of the crap in there! Your patients will totally benefit from your happiness, like ripples in a pond. Enjoy your next WOD! 🙂

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