Thanksgiving in Pictures……

With my job I have to work lots of holidays. To add insult to injury my husband is a firefighter and he also has to work holidays. I always try to work the same holidays that he works but it doesn’t always line up. Anyways I was supposed to work Thanksgiving and I signed up to work that day but miraculously I got the day off. I worked the day before and the three days after so there was no chance of us going to see family for the holiday. Ironically, I was able to weasel my way out of working Thanksgiving last year as well and it was the first time in my adult life that I have ever cooked a turkey. I thought this year that since it was just my husband and I, that we would give the Paleo Turkey Day a try. Here is our thanksgiving feast in pictures!! Enjoy.


My day started out by receiving beautiful flowers from my husband…”just because”…..nice way to start out the day

IMG_0662 IMG_0676

Paleo Cran-Cherry Sauce (so good!!! Just like the can 😉 Not really, but one year my mom spent hours making homemade cranberry sauce and when we all tasted it she asked if it was any good. Within the next breath she was like, does it taste like it’s from the can? So it has been a running joke in our house.


Can’t have turkey day without a turkey!!!


or stuffing for that matter. This no bread allowed stuffing was delicious. I have never been a stuffing fan but I could eat this all year round!!

IMG_0679 IMG_0681

And there were veggies. My husband made the green beans with feta and I made the roasted broccoli with crisp prosciutto and balsamic vinegar. Both were yummy and the green beans tasted even better as leftovers.



IMG_0663   IMG_0673

Of course I couldn’t let Thanksgiving end without my favorite meal of the day…DESSERT!!! What you are looking at here are two incredible desserts that are more or less pretty darn healthy. To the left is paleo pumpkin, coconut & maple custard cups (which by the way came out amazing…just like pumpkin pie but better) and to the right I have chunky monkey “ice cream” bon bons. I was amazed at how easy the bon bons were to make. The “ice cream” is just frozen pureed bananas. Genius.

All of my recipes with the exception of the stuffing came from nom nom paleo. I was in awe at how easy the recipes were to follow. Each recipe had step by step instructions with pictures!! I highly recommend checking out her website and new cookbook.

And what holiday is not complete without dressing up your dog……


She loves it…..I swear 😉

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  1. Liz says:

    looks amazing!!

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