Beauty and the Beast

The reason that I decided to give CrossFit a try almost a year ago today was mostly aesthetic. I was not really getting the results that I wanted from my personal trainer and the classes offered at the gym. The main reason I was not getting results is that I was not going to the gym on a regular basis. It was not fun. I remember every “body pump” class I went to that I would look at the clock almost every five minutes to see “how much longer.” When you dread doing something…..well you don’t do it.

When I started CrossFit I was in awe at how sore and short of breath I was even after a ten minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible). At first my motivation for going to CrossFit was that I knew it was going to be a good workout and that I was inching one step closer to my aesthetic goals. I knew that I was going to work hard the whole time. When I had a personal trainer I knew how to hit a topic that they enjoyed talking about, hence distracting them from the task at hand (I was a master at that). At CrossFit there is no talking during the workout. There is a timer, a task and competition. Nothing makes me work harder then competition either with myself, the clock or others.

As I started to attend CrossFit more and more it started to become less about how in shape I was going to get but what I was going to be able to do. It started to become more about how much weight I was gonna clean or how many ring rows could I do in a row. Then something crazy happened. I stopped worrying about how I was looking all together because I knew that I was working my butt off, I was going to the gym consistently and I was getting better. CrossFit has gotten me to not only go to the gyms on a consistent basis but to want to go. CrossFit has not only given me fitness but also self-confidence. I know I am not alone in this transformation by this video that I found on NClab

Check out this AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL video below:


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