Double Under Flailing

I am terrible at double unders!! (double unders are where the rope passes under your feet twice during a single jump) Every time I see them on the workout I cringe a little. I try to take a positive approach and see it as an opportunity to practice and become better but in my hearts of hearts I am always wishing that they weren’t part of the work out.

I find double unders incredibly frustrating. Unlike everything else in CrossFit…the “try harder” attitude gets you no-where.  To be successful at double unders you have to be relaxed and kind of go with the flow.  You have to find a rhythm.  Of course I want to continue to get better at CrossFit which means that I must get better at double unders.

About a month ago my mom who also does CrossFit offered me the opportunity to go to a double under workshop at her gym. Of course I jumped on this opportunity. The closer it got to the workshop the more excited I became. Over the course of the weeks leading up to the class I had come to the conclusion that the reason I had not mastered double unders is because I was missing some “special cue or step.”

I was sure that I would learn the secret to double unders at the workshop. The cost of the class also came with a jump rope. This also further convinced me that my lack of double under proficiency was not my fault but rather I lacked the proper equipment. (mind you I had already spent money to get a customized speed rope) I  was convinced that this workshop was going to be a magical experience and that by the end I would be a double under master.

When arriving at the workshop we were handed a pink plastic jump rope. Although the jump rope was pretty it looked like I could have bought it at the dollar store. My optimism for the class was not swayed. At this point I was convinced that I was a double under flail because of some special step that I was missing. To my grave disappointment there was no special step, hint or cue. Over the course of two hours we went through a series of drills, techniques and skills to be practiced in order to get better a double unders.

Through out the class my frustration and the frustrations of others (they must have had the same thoughts about magically obtaining double under mastery in less the two hours) increased. At the end of the two hours I was no closer to obtaining double under mastery then before the class.

This class unfortunately or fortunately confirmed what I inherently knew.  The only way I am going to get better at double unders is by practicing double unders. This is really the secret of life. If you really want to excel at anything you have to be willing to put in the work. I think in society now-a-days we are too quick to think that there is somehow a quick fix to everything, be it weight loss, business success or what not. The truth is success only comes to those who not only work hard but work smart.

So until the double under fairy blesses me with magical double under skills I am left with taking some extra time at the end of each class to practice. After all practice makes perfect.

double-unders 2

Yes…yes I am…when it actually happens.

speed rope

Um definitely….

double under

The goal!!


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