So my husband and I often fall into a cooking rut after finding a couple of new recipes that we love. This happens every couple of months mainly due to our schedules. Sometimes it is just easier to cook what you know then to try something new. I love all of the Paleo style websites that are out there and I have often searched them for a fun, new and tasty meals. To be honest there are so many awesome websites out there that I often find myself overwhelmed.  More then going online for recipes, I love to hold a cookbook in my hand. I like it better for picking out recipes as well as when Im cooking which is evident by the multitude of stains in the pages of my cookbooks.

I am not all old school though. When I grocery shop I put my grocery store list in my cell phone so that I dont have to carry any extra paper. This has been key to my cooking success because before this I would lose my list half way through my grocery store excursion thus requiring me to shop for ingredients from memory.

In an effort to make my life easier I am constantly looking for ways to cut corners and I think that I have found one. It is a Paleo app called “Nourished”.  The application is a conglomeration of Paleo recipes from multiple blogs. It was about $1.99 I believe to download. I love it because it is easy to use. I am pretty much technologically illiterate so if I say that it is easy to use anyone can do it.  I like it because it provides pretty pictures with every recipe!!! This makes it easy for me to find what I think looks tasty.  The pictures also helps me to determine if the recipe is going according to plan when cooking.

I like the fact that you can browse through the recipes and put them in your “cooking queue.” This allows me to quickly find the recipes that looked good in a snap. On each recipe page you have the option to add it to  your “cooked history” or “favorites”. You also have the option to share the recipe on facebook or twitter. Again, each of these features makes it easy to find the recipes that you like quickly so that when you are planning a meal you are not wasting time looking for recipes.

Each recipe provides you with a summary of the recipe such as length of time to cook, prepare, number of servings and if it contains eggs, nuts, etc. Every recipe that I have made has had easy to follow cooking steps. My favorite part about the application is that it has an ingredient list that can easily turn into a shopping list with a click of the button. This feature also allows you to free text additional ingredients that are not part of the recipe.

Another benefit to the application is that it comes with a list of resources that are “Paleo” friendly such as where one can buy prepared foods to grassfed “meat”. It also gives you the names of the bloggers that have contributed to the application. Each of them has a blog that you can explore for more recipes.

The only thing that I do not like about the application is that about half of the recipes are paleo treats. While these treats are obviously better for you then the sugar laden treats you find on the shelves of the grocery store I try my best to cook these treats as infrequently as possible. The application is updated routinely and I have noticed on these updates that more entrees and sides have been added.

So far I have made four recipes from this application and I have to tell you that they are my new favorites. They look good, taste delicious and are easy to make. In fact they look so scrumptious that many folks at work have asked me where I bought my meal. It was moment full of pride for someone that before this year cooked maybe twice a month to say…”I didnt buy it….I made it!!! ”

One of the recipes that I made and love is Chicken and Vegetable Lo Mein!! It is super easy and delicious. Be sure to get the “coconut aminos”. It is the soy substitute. It is an absolute must for any stir fry type meal. It can easily be found at Whole Foods in the oil or international aisle.

chicken lo mein

It may not be restaurant worthy presentation but it sure was tasty. I added the eggplant to the recipe because I wanted to use it before it went bad. I always try to pack as much vegetables into a recipe as possible. Often times I run out of pan space for all the veggies that I want to incorporate. In that case when I go to reheat the left overs I will just sauté a little more of whatever vegetable the recipe calls for and then add it to the reheated meal. Not only am I getting more vegetables into my diet but it is more economical in such that I am using in this case the whole head of cabbage before it goes bad.


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