I hate running…..

I hate running….always have and probably always will.  I also don’t care for the rower or double unders. I mostly dislike double unders because I am not any good at them. I like to call them my personal whipping. Without fail every encounter that I have had with double unders has left numerous red welts on either side of my shins.  For those of you who do not know what double unders are,  it is a form of torture where you try to pass the rope under your feet twice with each single jump.

I know those of you out there that “run for fun” are saying to yourself that I just have not given running a chance. Not so my friends not so. To my credit I have many running events under my belt to include both 10-milers and a single marathon. The marathon was the worst birthday present I ever gave myself. The marathon that I ran was on my birthday and I literally spent the whole day doing something that I often dread doing!!

Of course I was thrilled when I learned that most CrossFit workout’s consist of 200m or 400m runs with the longest that I have ever run in CrossFit is a mile!! What what!! This does not mean the God of Aerobic torture has not visited me at CrossFit. I struggle with workouts that are strict cardio meaning that they do not include a weightlifting or bodyweight component. Just thinking of an all cardio workout makes my lungs burn!!! I love going to CrossFit but the motivation lacks just slightly when I see an all running, rowing or god forbid running and double under combination!!  One thing that keeps me going is that I want to get better at CrossFit all around. Sometimes this means pushing through things that we prefer not to do. While I do not look forward to these cardio workouts I relish in any gains that I make, be it one or two seconds faster then before.

One of things that always motivates me to go to these WOD’s is a blog post by CrossFit Rook. The full post is the Ten CrossFit Truths but what really struck home with me is truth number 8:

“8) The WODS you hate are the WODS you should not miss. Yesterday was a perfect example for me. Nicole. 20 min AMRAP of 400 meter runs and AMRAP pull ups. I hate both, hence I hate Nicole. Don’t skip the stuff at which we suck, as we would never get any better. ” 

While I never want to run a marathon again I do want to get better at CrossFit!! This means going to those all running, rowing and double under filled WOD’s. Who knows maybe these WODs will become my favorite one day. Hahaha………..or maybe I just won’t dread them. One step at a time 😉

nike-running-sucks-tshirt_thumbClearly I need to own this shirt!!!

quote-nike-suckLove it!!!


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