Oh Hawaii…I miss you already!!

I had a blast in Hawaii!! I was worried that over the years I had built up the trip to Hawaii to unrealistic proportions and that I may in fact end up disappointed by the trip. I am happy to announce that not only did my trip to the big island meet my expectations but it exceeded them. This was the first real vacation that we have taken since adopting the Paleo lifestyle. One thing we learned from this experience is that we would prefer to stay in a place that has a kitchen for future vacations. While we both loosen the reins on what we eat while on  vacation, eating out for almost two weeks straight took both a toll on our bodies and wallets!! We thoroughly enjoyed drinking the fruity drinks and sugary foods at first, but we noticed as the vacation went on we felt more sluggish and that we both had “rumbly tummies” at points throughout the trip.  Eating at home for one or two meals a day would allow us to still feel close 100% to explore as well as allow for us to try the local cuisine!!

With that said I am glad to be back. I have found that I am a creature of routine. I am ready to get back to eating clean, CrossFit and working towards my goals. In the meantime here are some more pictures of my amazing trip.


In front of lava rock. It was every where on the Kona side!


Black sand beach!!




Green Sand Beach!! It was a two hour drive and a 2.5 mile hike to this beach but it was well worth it!!



This was an amazing white sand beach that we went to where the water was clear as day.  Oh yeah the sign above made me a little nervous!



 There was plenty of wind on the island to run these wind mills!!

donkey - hawaii

donkey 2

I am used to deer crossing signs!! Donkey crossing signs were new to me. I was disappointed that I didn’t actually see a donkey crossing the road. I guess I am just going to have to go back. Oh darn 😉

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