Adventures in Paleo Baking!!

So I have never been big into cooking and even less into baking. When I bake my husband says that it looks like a hurricane has blown through the kitchen. Up until now I have held off on making any Paleo treats because I am afraid that I wont be able to live without them!!. If you want to drool over some yummy looking Paleo treats check out taylormadeitpaleo. Her website is almost solely dedicated to Paleo Snacks and Treats!! I drool over her pictures on Instagram everyday!!

Anyways…this week was a special week as it was my husband’s birthday so I figured I would give this Paleo baking and maybe baking in general a try. I can’t remember ever baking a cake from scratch and I know for a fact that I have never made icing from scratch. I decided on the “Dark Chocolate Cake” and “Chocolate Frosting” from the book Make it Paleo. I was a little worried because I thought the cake was gonna tasted like dark chocolate and I prefer milk chocolate but the cake just taste like chocolately goodness!!

The recipe is super easy and super quick! I would recommend using the sifter for the coconut flour because it is a little clumpy.


Yeah Cake!!! This cake is so moist! To be honest I could eat it without the frosting and be a happy girl! I cant say that about many cakes!!


First time making homemade frosting!! Super yummy and very rich! A little goes a long way. The only bad thing about the frosting is that it doesn’t spread all that well. I am sure there is a secret to it but I was too hungry to try and figure it out!!



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