Family Fun….

This past week while my body was recuperating some of my family was in town!!! It was a great distraction from not being able to do CrossFit and a lot of fun.


My husband, youngest brother and dad at the Orioles


My youngest brother Greg, me and my Dad at the Orioles game!! I only own Nationals Gear so that is what I wore!!


My Dad and I after the game. It was Orioles vs Yankees. I was rooting for the Yankees and they were rooting for the Orioles. I thought my team was going to win by a landslide but they Orioles came back to win the game.


The weekend involved lots of “Daisy” love. The left is my younger sister giving daisy a kiss and the picture on the right is “Daisy” relaxing after a trip to the dog park


We even found time to squeeze in a little workout. We live by the “Exorcist” stairs. They are the stairs that the priest is pushed down in the movie the “Exorcist”. This is a doozy of a workout. I have had times after doing a stairs workout that I did not think I was going to be able to walk back to the car. It is a super awesome workout and a very humbling experience if you have not done stairs in a while. You do not need to be at the “Exorcist” stairs to see the benefits of running stairs. Find any place that has a couple sets of stairs and give it a try. I bet you will be surprised at how hard it is!! Such a quick but effective workout. I hate running but loving doing stairs.

Of course the weekend was not void of food. Lots of what we ate was not “Paleo” but I had to show my family all the yummy food the DC area has to offer. We went to Baked and Wired which has amazing cupcakes…..better then Georgetown Cupcakes in my opinion. Love Georgetown cupcakes frosting but think that their cupcake is a little dry. Baked and Wired offers a better all around cupcake. We also checked out the Pie Sisters which I had never been too!! The coconut cream pie was my favorite!!!

The weekend was not without yummy paleo food. One night my husband and I made a delicious Paleo meal. My absolutely favorite thing right now is the Bacon Wrapped Scallops


So yummy!!! Give it a try!! 

A picture of the whole gang….daisy and all. What a fun weekend. Can’t wait to do it again.


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