No Chalk, Water or Air

Last weekend I had the privilege of being able to go to the final day of the 2013 Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Regionals. I had known for months in advanced that the CrossFit regionals were the first week of June but somehow when I did my schedule these dates slipped my mind. While I was able to go to one day of the games it meant going on NO SLEEP. I went straight from the night shift to breakfast at the best diner ever and then off to the games. Lucky for me I am married to a fantastic man who was willing to take the day off in order to drive me around so I didm’t A: Crash the car (which I would do on no sleep) and B: Have someone really great to hang out with for the day.

For those of you who know me, know that I love my sleep. So for me to give up my day of recovery sleep to go to the games was novel in itself. What surprised even me, was that I stayed the entire day. The day was both inspiring and motivating. I was impressed by every athlete in the competition!! Insane. What was most exciting about the games itself was the competitor’s sportsmanship and the crowd. As front runner’s finished a grueling workout that would leave most on their back gasping for air….they would get up and head back to the competition floor to cheer on and sometimes coach their competition to the finish line. Sometimes at the end of a competition the whole field would be surrounding the last competitor to cheer and motivate that individual to the finish line. Watching the sportsmanship gave me chills and made me proud to be a part of the sport. The crowd of course cheered for the front runner’s and each person that finished the WOD but the loudest cheers where for those that were struggling the most. There was one individual during the team event who kept struggling again and again to squat clean some crazy heavy weight. When he finally cleaned the weight the crowd went insane!! It was the loudest the crowd cheered all day!!

Not only was it motivating to watch people push themselves to the limit but it was helpful to me in general. In watching the competitors I learned how proper technique can help you and how poor can technique can hurt you. I think that the most valuable thing that I learned in watching the competition is that being consistent throughout a WOD is key. It was rare to see a person who started out leading to be the 1st finisher. The top finisher was always someone that was consistently plugging away with minimal breaks.

crossfit - finisher


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