Herbs, Spice and Everything Nice!!

Up till about 6 months ago I thought that super healthy food meant super bland. In the past I had always wanted to eat healthy but what came to mind was grilled chicken (plain), brown rice and some frozen vegetable. Sounds appetizing right!! So of course when I was offered the choice between that rock star meal and something that would actually makes me salivate like pizza of course I am going to go with the pizza. Hence healthy eating was always saved for another day. This was also probably why my goal of losing 10lbs and looking fitter was one of my New Year’s Resolutions for I don’t know….5 years in a row…..BOOOO!!!! What I learned from Paleo and all the amazing Paleo food blogs out there is that super healthy food can taste super yummy!! One of the greatest contributors to making nutritious food…awesomely delicious is herbs and spices. Prior to Paleo we kept our spices in a tiny little cupboard and the only ones I ever really used were the salt and pepper. I am proud to announce that the spices now have an entire shelf in the pantry complete with spices that I can not even pronounce. If you are not sure how to incorporate spices into a meal checkout some of these Paleo blogs:

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Civilized Caveman

Having started cooking more and more I have noticed that buying fresh herbs from the grocery store is not only costly but I only use about half of what I buy for most recipes which means that a portion of the herbs I bought go unused. After careful thought and consideration I decided that maybe I would try my hand a growing my own herbs. For me this is a huge undertaking. I was not born with any shade of a green thumb. Throughout my life I have killed every green growing thing to ever enter my presence. I feel like the grim reaper of the plant world!! In fact in college my mom confiscated my cactus that I bought at a farmer’s market. She said that I wasn’t giving it proper care and it was dying!! I mean how hard is taking care of a cactus…..I mean those things live in the desert!!! They survive with minimal water. I have no idea how it was possible that I was killing it!! haha. Now that you can understand my plant killing background you can understand my joy and pride when I realized that not only did I not kill the herbs that I planted but I actually managed to grow them from seeds!!


Look at all that green!!! I grew that!!

Can’t wait to use my own fresh herbs that I grew in super, healthy and flavorful meal!!!

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