Mom’s Day – In Rewind

Yeah for Mother’s Day!! Moms are awesome everyday especially mine. Not only did this woman work crazy hours and raise five kids (btw…I still struggle sometimes to just get myself out the door) but she can deadlift 255lbs. Pure craziness. The thing that continually impresses me about my mom is the fact that she never gives up and keeps pushing forward no matter how hard it is. There are many things in CrossFit such as running that are not her thing but that does not keep her from going, giving her best every time and trying to improve . I am continuously inspired by her ability to persevere.

Mom - crossfit

My mom being amazing

Mom & me round two

My mom & I working out at Pennington CrossFit  (the folks at Pennington CrossFit were fantastic. So welcoming and supportive). The only thing that I think would have made this photo better was if my mom didn’t change her shirt! Then we could have been wearing the same outfit! What!!  What!!

Since my mom is into Paleo we decided for Mother’s Day that we would cook her a complete Paleo meal from scratch!!

My mom and her Paleo Mother's Day meal.

My mom and her Paleo Mother’s Day meal.



The best part of the meal was dessert


Cinnamon Vanilla Almond Butter Pops 

Yes…it is messy but this recipe is amazing. Even the family members that aren’t crazy about Paleo went back for seconds!


3 comments on “Mom’s Day – In Rewind

  1. Wow, you and your mom rock!!! That crossfit picture of you two is so inspiring! 🙂
    I was super pumped to see the banana pops here! So glad you all enjoyed them!!

  2. Liz says:

    Love it!!

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