Beaches and Box Jumps

st lucia beachThis is a picture of the beach at St. Lucia during my honeymoon

I have loved the beach ever since I can remember. I love the salty air, the waves, sand, sun and even those pesky Seagulls.  Generally speaking, the beach just makes me happy.  I made my background photo a beach scene because it makes me smile inside but also to remind me of my goal. I hope to one day live at the beach. I think saying your goals out loud is the first step in making them come true. So I am saying it out loud: One day I will live at the beach!!

and now on to box jumps……

So I have always had a healthy fear of box jumps…and I have to say it is the box jump that kept me away from CrossFit for so long. As a an ER Nurse I have seen more then one victim of the box jump. The tell tale horizontal lacerations on one or both shins. I normally just look at them and say box jumps and they nod their head simultaneously with pride and embarrassment. The most horrifying box jump injury comes from non-other then my mom herself.

Box jump fail

My mom’s gnarly box jump injury

.fixed box jump

 All stitched up……

Now my mom is a pretty tough cookie. Not only did my my mom not freak out when looking down at this gruesome injury (I know I would have) but she went home and got kids ready for school before getting stitched up. I am proud of how tough my mom is and also hoping that some of her toughness has been passed down to me. Now that I have undertaken the sport of CrossFit I know that endless box jumps are in my future. I have actually grown with time to love them!! One thing is for sure, this picture of my mom’s injury flashes before my eyes every time I am  at the end of a workout that includes box jumps. This image some how always motivates me to  jump a little higher and move a little faster. I refuse to be the next box jump victim……


4 comments on “Beaches and Box Jumps

  1. Liz says:

    I still call that her shark bite wound!

  2. Rob says:

    I think it looks more like a manatee bite!!

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