So what is with the title “notfortime”. What does that mean and why did you pick it? Since CrossFit is the main thing that inspired me to write this blog I wanted the  title of the blog to be CrossFit inspired. My originial idea for the title of the blog was “The SandBox.” This was an awesome title combining my love for the beach and also the word “Box” which is what Crossfit gyms are called. Sadly there is a Crossfit gym in Florida called The Sandbox. I wanted to be original and creative, so started the search for a new name. I settled on NotForTIme for two reasons. For one it is a CrossFit word, but it is kind of an ironic CrossFit word.  Almost everything in CrossFit is timed one way or another but every now and then you do a set number of repetitions of a skill that is “Not for Time”.   What sold me on the title is that I think a lot of my frustration with myself on not finding a career that I am 100% passionate about on the first or second try is that I feel like I should have it  all figured out by now. “Notfortime” reminds me that life is a journey and that life is well… not for time…..Nobody is standing there with a stop watch timing how long it takes me to figure out my true passion. There is also no big brother watching and judging what path I take to get there.  P.S. is if there is another blog or CrossFit gym called “notfortime” — don’t tell me. I am kind of attached to the title at this point.

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5 comments on “NotForTime

  1. Rob says:

    Great job baby!! I love it!!

  2. Terry says:

    I like this name better for the blog, though The Sandbox would have been a great name for our gym!!

  3. Liz says:

    Thats what sucks about the internet. Its constantly bursting creative bubbles. I like your title too! It sparks curiosity

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